The Abounding River Workshop

What would your life be like if you "knew", as certain as the sun does rise, that all the prosperity you could imagine were sure to be provided?

Abundance is a property of our being just as joy, love and peace and happiness are. Our access to a true happiness is not found in doing more, manipulating, figuring, winning, competing, hoarding or luck. Abundance is a way of being alive, a mindful practice that replaces scarcity and survival with an awareness of always being provided for.

Matthew and Terces Engelhart are parents, entrepreneurs (owners and founders of Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre), and “lifers” in the field of transformation. With humor, authenticity, and passion they have us get present to the depth that our human consciousness is steeped in scarcity, not enough love, money, time, etc. In the awareness of that almost unbearable trap they provide an awakening to being at the source of infinite supply. Course participants leave with a solid lucidity in the being of abundance and a forty-two day practice to establish their lives with these new tools.

For an extraordinary inquiry into Abundance as a way of Being, come to our upcoming workshop.


"Being is a Verb"

— Matthew Engelhart
Wow, where to begin? This Workshop greatly impacted my life, the life of my immediate family, and my social life. It started in the workshop where I had the opportunity to share about my relationship to my dad and the problems we have had over the years. I was strongly advised to call my dad during our lunch break which resulted in a family healing that was years over due.

A fun, unexpected result of the workshop was meeting my logbook partner, Tim Richards. Through doing the daily practice of the logbook affirmations we have become very close, quickly transforming our relationship from strangers to friends to sweethearts. I feel so empowered and in love in this relationship.

We speak to each other in such a sacred way, using the affirmations as a guide for how our relationship should be viewed. As a direct cause of the logbook I see God in Tim and myself and view the joining of our lives as a high expression of spirit.
So much gratitude to Matthew and Terces and the community.
— Gregory Jahnke
Each time I engage with these principles I feel awakened and freed - freed to be more fully me. The workshops have given me tools and a community that help give my life more clarity in a world of swirling and confusing signals. Being in this community is helping me to step more fully into my heart and letting my heart, my truest self, be my guide. I love it!
— Heidi Boulinger