Aloha Awakenings

A FIVE Day A Kindred Spirit Workshop Retreat in Maui, HI.

February 5-10, 2020

Yoga•  Lodging on the Farm•  Organic Vegetarian Meals Fresh from the Farm•  Kindred Spirit Workshop•  Wood Burning Sauna•  Detox•  Day Excursions to Sacred Beaches and the Haleakala National Park are optional

In the Kindred Spirit workshop you will discover how to generate your own love experience, to say the hard things, to be transparent and to ultimately create unconditional love in all your relations! This workshop explores relationship as an access to the most authentic self: unconditional love. A relationship is simply "being with another."

Relationship is a mirror, an opportunity to reveal the wounds that separate us and uphold the illusion of aloneness. For many, relationship has become about compromise, or taking a fifty- fifty approach to finding workability. Kindred Spirit takes a 100% - 0% approach. In taking full ownership, the union of "we" is awakened. Once our resistance is uncovered, the presence of love reigns, and love and life are fulfilled. This workshop is for everybody as we are all in a relationship of some kind.

Come join us for 5 days of inspiration, practice, soul searching and Yoga with Ciela Wynter. Stay on Matthew and Terces' beautiful remote organic farm in East Maui just a block from the beach! Come and eat from the land and experience the beauty that Maui has to offer.

Workshop Leaders, Matthew and Terces are the creators of the Abounding River Board Game and Café Gratitude. Matthew and Terces are each other's "love of their life". They have over 30 years experience in transformation work, being parents and business owners. They are committed to helping people become aware of how rich and full life already is.

Lodging options


$ 1200.00 each

4 per room in a Shared space


$ 1600.00 each

2 single beds in a room


$ 2500.00 per room

1 double bed Suitable for a couple or really good friends

Please call Marta for more information 415.501.9678