Leadership as a Path to Awakening:  Returns in 2018

DO you want a deeper more meaningful experience with people in your community and at work?

“Leaders are stewards of the collective consciousness who steer the community toward what is sacred,”  Terces and Matthew 

I graduated from the Leadership Training (the best gift I ever gave myself).
I can’t thank them enough for the inspiration they have been in my life and in my work.
— Joyce Orecchia

You will be able to hone your ability to never waver on the leadership path by holding space, listening, taking 100% responsibility, and humbly rousing people from their resignation and cynicism. Wherever you are, the awakening of love is transpiring! Come take your seat for this empowering course."

In this workshop, you will receive coaching to be the most transparent person in the room. 

Leaders hold the seat of love even when the stormy weather of doubt, fear, or scarcity rolls through any entity.