Imagine a world where healthy connection & communication were as important as the bottom line.

Sacred commerce is business as a path to awakening. It is a practice of human sustainability that creates everything, even money, as an opportunity to grow and awaken to our largest potentials. Regardless of your position, this course will endow you with the tools to embark on a path to creating a more productive, fulfilling, and profitable life for all.

Sacred commerce is the practice of creating money a sacrament and the exchange of goods and services as a holy opportunity.


What if awakening was the context in your communities (workplace, home, etc)?

What if management meant being accountable for your staff, co-workers, family and/or friends having a great life?


What if conflicts were perceived as opportunities and doorways to more workable solutions?

What if the mission of your business was to usher in a sustainable, spiritually fulfilling society?