Discover how to build transparent relationships that build healthy alive communities

Learn and practice the 9 SuperPowers of community that are the foundation of Sacred Commerce

Experience how an awakened community develops Inspired Leaders committed to a new vision for planet earth.

In the face of our current environmental and economic uncertainty, honing our community building skills seems like a wise choice in creating a sustainable thriving world.
As cooperation may be the only way to avoid a cataclysm, this workshop will serve as a guide through the challenges of creating a culture in which belonging is better than belongings. Community offers the opportunity to let go of separation, isolation, aloneness and fear and connect to our strength, our passions and love

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the power of love!

I got that it is ok and important to express what ever I am experiencing, the good, the bad and the ugly. I have the tendency to run away from situations when what I am feeling is negative and I see now that if I stay and express the negative it can move me (or the situation) forward to the good. I feel more at ease in group situations and can let people have all of their feelings without as much judgment.
— Tarvo Nurmeots
What I enjoyed the most was that there lots of young people. A lot of the workshops that I attend are mostly filled with over 50 females so it was very exciting to see so many young people (both male and female) on their path to awakening and they were amazing, gives me lots of hope for humanity. I was also moved by the amount of love and respect in the room.
— Lenora Swan
Cafe Gratitude workshops have given me new communication tools, not only for communicating with others but also for communicating with and understanding myself. I am seeing how I am not a victim of circumstances, but the creator of my experience.
— Anonymous
Matthew and Terces work is an absolute “must have” for everyone who wants to expand their knowledge base in community building. It is experiential and practical at the same time. They know what they are talking about and it’s a pleasure to learn from them.
— D from Colorado
I travel across the country and sometimes the ocean to come to Cafe Gratitude workshops. Each time I wonder what will be revealed to me. I always find places in my life where I have ceased making LOVE the priority. Usually it is some triggered wound or deep-seated fear that has kept me playing small. There is discomfort and sometimes hurt being honest with myself at the workshops but the freedom to choose a more compassionate and loving life keeps me coming back. To me transformation is an eternal process and I’m committed to a big, beautiful life full of love and community. Matthew and Terces are loving teachers who have guided and empowered me. I am grateful.
— Jency Cooper
Overall the workshop was engaging and time well spent. My expectation was that I would come away with concrete tools on building community. It seemed to be more focused on individual issues. The exercises were good, the most helpful one for me was revealing secrets. That was liberating and worth the whole weekend. That shifted how I see people and has created more detached compassion and camaraderie. I’m happy and grateful to have participated! Thank you for all you do...
— Stephanie Nagorka